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Here is some basic setup information for starting your first mailing list. If you have not already requested mailing lists to be enabled on your account, please see the following knowledge base article. Please note- once we have enabled mailing lists on your account, do not update your administrator email address via the Helm Control Panel. It will remove the mailing list functionality from your account. We can usually reenable without any data loss.


Getting Started:


To administer your mailing list you'll need to login as the list administrator. This is the email address you sent to us to enable for mailing lists according the the article above.


Pass: your Password


Adding your First Mailing List:


The idea behind a mailing list is to be able to have a "poster(s)" (someone who posts news like you) send an email to that address which goes out to everyone who is "subscribed" to the mailing list. You can subscribe someone manually using web mail or by a user sending an email a special command address ( or with certain commands in the subject line. Lists should be "moderated", so only certain posters have the ability to send to the enitre group. You'll need to specify a particular person (email address) to serve as the moderator(s). YOU SHOULD UNCHECK THE OPTION FOR "REPLY TO LIST" WHICH IS ENABLED AUTOMATICALLY. This will prevent users from replying to your mailing list and having their respinse go out to the whole list. In some cases, you may want this functionality but most of the time you probably don't. You'll see this option right-away when creating a new list.


Domain Settings >> Mailing Lists >> Add New


Start by creating a small list with 2-3 emails and test the fuunctionaility.


Getting Help


We provide limited email or telephone support for mailing lists in regards to setting up. However, we don't provide ongoing training. We highly suggest you read the on-screen help menu (in web mail) for further instructions.


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Contact Support

If you are still having issues, please contact us for further help.
1-877-EPHOST1 |



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