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An auto-responder is a way to automatically reply to an email with a pre-defined message. This is also the same way you would setup a Vacation Message. When a user sends an email to this account, they will receive your pre-defined message automatically and you will also get a copy of their message in that email box. You would check email as normal. To cut down on unecessary emails, they will only receive your message once-per-day, per auto-responder.


Windows Hosting (or Shared Services) Account

  1. Login to your account ( or mail.your-domain-name.ext)
  2. Click on the 'Hamburger Icon' (3 horizontal lines) in the top left of the screen
  3. Click on the 'Autoresponder' link
  4. Fill in your Subject and message
  5. Click the the switch on the right that says "Enable Autoresponder"

SUGGESTION - also Click the switch on the right that says "Limit responses to once daily"

HINT: Many forget to turn off their Autoresponder, so there is also a feature here to turn on "Only send between certain dates"

NOTE: Auto-responders will respond to anyone - including spammers. Often times the spammer will use a fake email address when sending email so your auto-responder will "bounce-back" with an error. Disregard these notices when using an auto-responder.


Linux Hosting Account

  1. Login to your EPhost account
  2. Click on the green "Control Panel" button
  3. Go to the 'EMAIL' Section
  4. Click on "Autoresponders"
  5. Select the Domain (you can select this while adding the autoresponder as well)
  6. Fill in the sections (notice that you can use tags, outlined below to assist in some automation)
  7. Click on Create/Modify to finish

HINT: Many forget to turn off their Autoresponder, so there is also a feature here to 'Start' and 'Stop' it on certain date and time 

TAGS available

  • %subject% - The subject of the message sent to the autoresponder.
  • %from% - The name of the sender of the message received by the autoresponder, if available.
  • %email% - The incoming email sender’s address.


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