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If you are unable to receive mail, you can usually resolve the problem by following one of the steps below.

  • Temporarily disable your firewall (and/or Anti-Virus Program) and check your email again
  • Recheck the Username (email/account) is spelled correctly as well as the password
    • Check to make sure your Username (Account Name) is in this format: user@domain.com and that you have specified the correct password.
  • Check your Email Account Settings (port number settings)
  • Knowledge Base links for popular email clients


If necessary, you may need to reset your email password by logging into your Control Panel.


HELPFUL TOOLS to Check Settings*

WHOIS by ICANN - When looking at your WhoIs data:

  • Make sure the expiration date is in the future
  • Look to make sure you see the correct name servers listed:
    • ns1.ephost.com & ns2.ephost.com (Windows Plans)
    • ns1.ep121.ephost.com & ns2.ep121.ephost.com (Linux Plans*)
    • ns1.ep167.ephost.com & ns2.ep167.ephost.com (Linux Plans*)
    • ns1.ep168.ephost.com & ns2.ep168.ephost.com (Linux Plans*)
    • ns1.ep169.ephost.com & ns2.ep169.ephost.com (Linux Plans*)
  • For the most up to date nameservers please see the "Important IP Addresses" Knowledgebase

MX Lookup Tool - Quickly look up information about a domains email configuration, see errors and settings


*EPhost is not an interest holder or affiliate of these websites.


Also SeeEmail Settings POP3 / IMAP | Check email online | Email Troubleshooting | Adding an email to your hosting account WINDOWS / LINUX


Contact Support

If you are still havig email troubles, please contact us for further help.



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